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Bear Valley Camp

Village Jhinna,

Panna Tiger Reserve

Madhya Pradesh



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Nearest Airport

Khajuraho        45Kms

Jabalpur         200Kms

Kanpur            200Kms

Nearest Railhead

Khajuraho       45Kms

Satna              100Kms

Jabalpur        200Kms

Jhansi             190Kms

We provide end to end transfers (Airport/Railhead) through our reliable vendors from all the above Cities

Road Trips


Pune - Nasik - Indore - Bhopal - Sagar - Chhatarpur - Panna


Bengaluru - Hyderabad - Nagpur - Jabalpur - Sihora - Simariya - Panna


New Delhi - Agra - Gwalior - Jhansi - Chhatarpur - Panna

Places Around Panna

While there is plenty to do at the camp itself, there are a few must visit places around Panna which one should plan for in their itinerary. We arrange for convenient transfers to/from the camp.


Distance from Camp: 45Kms

Khajuraho needs no introduction and is a World Heritage UNESCO Site, enthralling visitors from all around the World.

At 45kms from the camp, one can plan a day trip to Khajuraho and still be back for a sumptuous Barbecue.

Raneh Falls.JPG

Raneh Falls

Distance from Camp: 40Kms

Raneh Falls and Khajuraho can be covered together in a day trip. The sheer grandeur of these falls needs to be witnessed in person as they cut through the multitude of Lava rocks and churn up in full frothy splendor.

Kalinjar Fort

Distance from Camp: 50Kms

This lesser known Fort looms high and mighty marking the border of the Vindhyachal Range. Built in around 800-900 AD the Fort is in surprisingly great shape and a treat for all visitors. The Fort complex is so large that one needs to drive around the top. to be able to cover all areas. 

Pandav Falls.jpg

Pandav Falls

Distance from Camp: 25Kms

As the name suggests, it is said that the Pandavas had spent some time here during their period of exile. And not just this, but there is also another famous cave and pool (Bhimkund) the water of which always remains pure and full irrespective of the season and has been the topic of many an explorer.

Pandav Falls is sometimes occupied by the Lord of the Jungle and is closed during those periods.

Bariyarpur Dam

Distance from Camp: 12Kms

This lesser known dam is on the other side of Raneh Falls and also marks an exciting entry to Bear Valley Camp via a Boat. There is a passageway which one can use to cross the dam and is an engineering marvel. One can spend a quiet morning or evening in the company of Birds 

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