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Are you ready for Summer?
Coz we are...!

Swimming Pool.jpeg


Adjectivefree from disturbance; calm


Luxurious Jungle Safari Tents

Independent yet Private and a Fireplace cum Barbecue for good measure, go on indulge...



MeaningWild Excursions

But wait... we didn't say only Vehicle Safaris

At Bear Valley Camp, a Gypsy (Vehicle) Safari is only one of the many things that you can do here. And what's more, we customize it completely for you, keeping you and your loved ones busy with exciting adventures.

And worry not about your little ones, our activities are conducted under the able guidance of our trained staff, so they are not only safe but also full of learning!


And as the sun sets, allow the Fireflies to light up the sky for you as the Night starts playing its sweet melody

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