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Panna Tiger Reserve

Spread over 542 sq. kms, this is one of the most beautiful Tiger Reserves in Madhya Pradesh. With a varied terrain offering gorges, ravines, plateaus and valleys, not to forget the beautiful Ken River meandering through the park, the volcanic region is full of mesmerizing waterfalls and is Prime Tiger habitat. The Tiger reintroduction story of Panna is legendary and so are some of the most iconic habitat shots captured of the Tigers here.


Apart from Tigers, Panna is also well known for its healthy Leopard population along with Sloth Bears, Striped Hyenas & Wild Dogs too.

The sheer variety of Wildlife that one can experience here is fabulous and that includes Reptiles and Birds too and amongst the Birds, it is home to 7 of the 9 Vulture species found in India.

Come experience Panna - the Emerald of Madhya Pradesh

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