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What is Happiness

What is Happiness?

A journey which started a decade ago, leading to a seed being planted in 2017, at a place which was neglected and barren, broken and devoid of bird species except the ones that could withstand the harsh nature of the place; to today where it has transformed into a paradise and a haven for birds.

Why am I so elated about Flycatchers?

Because like Honey Bees, Fireflies and Butterflies all of which signify the health of the environment and are the primary or foundation stone for the same, Flycatchers perform a similar role in the ecosystem

The secondary stage is set by the advent of birds, Flycatchers as the name suggests feed chiefly on Flying insects and these thrive only in well balanced ecosystems.

So while being incredibly cute and an absolute delight to watch these are also proof that all is well where they are found.

Over the years I have seen their numbers grow and the residency turning permanent, in Dec 2021 when I recorded the Red Breasted and the Grey Headed Canary Flycatcher for the first time, I was super happy for these were our first migrant species which had selected Bear Valley Camp as their Winter home.

This winter has been fabulous to say the least for not only have the previous residents continued to reside … word has spread to as far North as Siberia bringing in our first International visitor the Taiga Flycatcher.

This is Happiness 😊

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