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Panna Tiger Reserve, the Emerald of Madhya Pradesh

Welcome to Bear Valley Camp, we are proud to be a part of the Panna Tiger Reserve, located around the periphery of the park and we are absolutely serious when we say that your Safari never ends at Bear Valley Camp!

Let's first meet a few of our Wild neighbors!

to the Wild Side of India

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Being thorough nature enthusiasts we have created Bear Valley Camp through Design Thinking.

Incorporating our own personal travel experiences and using natural learning as a base, we thought of carving a niche by creating an Industry first concept of amalgamating different elements and infusing them together with passion and creativity.

I am an ex-pilot and a Statistics professional having led multiple transformation projects around the world, an avid photographer, blogger, naturalist and a conservationist.

When not at the camp, you will find me exploring the path less trodden


Having migrated to Germany in 2016, that is when we found our true calling, which is Nature & Wildlife. On moving back to India we conceptualized Bear Valley Camp; and our dream project came to life.

Apart from being a Global HR Leader , she is also a passionate photographer, mentor and explorer

Along with our two kids (Kiara and Kristus) we have created this paradise where all beings can truly enjoy the true bliss of Nature and experience Wildlife like never before.


Our endeavors are always aligned with the message of conservation through learning. We try to inculcate the same through our experimental yet experiential activities which help spread the word on Responsible Tourism; be it spending the night Guarding a field, filling up water holes for animals, helping out farmers during Seeding or Harvesting or spending some time teaching young kids at the local school. 


We believe that activities curated around Social Responsibility provide travelers with a feeling of self-fulfillment and accomplishment.

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